Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sunday School- from Jan 30, 2011

Yes, this name tag on the back might look so routine to some, but seeing it on my girls back today made my heart smile big and be so giddy!
Yes, today was Grace's 4th week in a row to ever go Sunday School class! Yes, big big deal!
A month ago today, after Grace and I had taken Corbin to his class and had gone to the CLC as usual, she took off and went right back to her brother's Sunday School class, like hello, this is where I want to be...with my peeps!
We have been SO blessed to have amazing Miss Debi love on and take care of Grace while church went on, but Grace clearly let us know that it was time for her to move it on up!
How we praise God especially for Miss Jessica and Miss Kaitlin who help make it possible on many levels to leave Grace in a regular class...along with her sweet hearted brother Corb who really looks after her, always.

Thank you Jesus for this fun victory!

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