Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Shout It

Shout it from the mountain tops, praise God, I want the world to know....(y'all know this song? It's a great camp song:)

About the sweet moments that Gracie had over Spring Break.

#1 She blew a kiss for the first time! Yes, big time and guess who to?! My mommy, G's Honey who she worships and adores, so extra coolio!
#2 She said "Aunt Tia" to my sister 3 times. Yep, BIG stuff. can see from the pics below her happy giddy state, which is a praise in itself!

Another thing I wanted to share is part of a conversation I had with my sister while at the river.
We were talking about Grace and I started to tell her about the time I was at a women's retreat (given by an amazing mentor of mine) and the name plate at my spot said "Ginna Full of Grace," Cool, yes, but way cooler when you hear that this was when I was pregnant with Grace and that no one knew but us at this time and that this was the name we had for her. Yep, woah.

I share this as a reminder and encouragement to myself and hopefully to you that God knows what He's doing and His heart is for us. I haven't fully felt that way recently (as it's been a tough season in my heart with Grace) but love how He has picked me up and sweetly reminded me of what He's done and how He's gone before me.

Okay, shout it!
Love y'all!