Monday, February 10, 2014

All I Can Say

So, it was a night that left me feeling slammed, spent and stumped and weary.
Tired from the roller-coaster of lovin on and trying to figure out and follow up and trust God and press in and on and for Grace Crocker.
I love her so. I know she is a beautiful part of God's sweet plan. I know she breaks me to need Him. I know she saves me from stuff of this world and for that I am thankful.
Oh, I hate that I vented to my friend once again about being sad about Grace. Woah, so this is a heavy blog but I wanna be real tonight.

As I sat back in the bedroom of my husbands office, laptop in one hand, my crazy "to do" list of life in the other, this song gently came to mind.
One that I had heard years ago, so good ole google helped me find it and I wanted to share it with you.
It's "All I can Say" by David Crowder Band.

Thank you Jesus for how you move us.
Love yall.