Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My 1st Pony- from April 28, 2008

 I know, you can hardly contain your enthusiasm over my first pony-tail. Well, you should see me in pig-tails. They sure are weird names for little girls’ haircuts, don’t you think? Anyway.
Things are going pretty well lately. They were, however, not so great for the past few weeks. First I stopped holding my feedings down. We think it is sinus related, but not too sure. If I go for even a little while without my full feedings I drop weight fast. I know it sounds good, but trust me, you don;t want this diet plan. Then, Daddy got pretty sick and was in bed for a time. Then, Natalie got sick. Corbin is always sick. Once again Mommy was the strong one in the house, to no one’s surprise.
It’s the start of a new week though and things are looking good. I am doing well with my feedings. I am really starting to pull myself up on chairs around the house. I think I might like this standing thing. Corbin took his first steps last week, so this is getting serious.
We have a doctor’s appointment with Dr Fierro tomorrow. I bet he is blown away with how well I am doing. We are just about finished taking one of my seizure meds out of the rotation and so far God has been good. Still no sign of them and we’re closing in on my anniversary mark. Still haven’t scheduled my next nose surgery, but it should be sometime this summer. And we are still praying very hard that my hips stay deep in the sockets, so that I will not have to be in another body cast.
Currently, however, Mommy and Daddy are trying to decide if we need to move this summer. It’s a big deal, but will have to wait until later.

Peace and blessings.