Thursday, June 13, 2013

Last Day of 1st Grade

Let's just say, "my heart wells up with a hallelujah"...(to steal from the lines of that song).

Really, I just had to send out this praise and thankfulness report over this amazing 1st grade year for Grace Crocker!

This year that she has been so in love with school that she truly waves me away, like get outa here, this is my place!
This year that she has started saying more words, one of them being "teacher"...which, hello, she has hit the jackpot with the MOST amazing teachers (several of them     below, one of which we are SO sad is not coming back...sniff sniff Miss Marcy)
This year which she rode the bus to school 3 days a week like such a big girl!
This year which she has turned into such a cuddle bug...which her mommy and daddy LOVE!
This year which she no longer sits in her highchair at home for meals...major praise the Lord!
This year which she is in such a good place that our whole family gets to go to England! Wahoo!!!

Thank you Lord for blessing us with such an amazing year, school, teachers, friends, fam and prayers for this little girl!
2nd grade here we come!