Monday, June 25, 2012

Time Stood Still

I'm about to do a face-plant at my computer right now (you'll know why in a moment), but the one of the most amazing things just happened at our house and I can not hold it in!
SO, most of you know that Michael has been on crutches since Wednesday (surgery from tearing his achilles tendon) SO, bless him, but it's been like I all of a sudden have 3 children to take care of:)...(really?! I’d like to think that I’ve been very little trouble for a man who is living life on crutches and one leg for two weeks...not to mention the six weeks I will spend in a boot after that...and then the four weeks of therapy...I’m just sayin’ I’d bet she’d be more trouble!)
Praise Jesus for wonderful friends who have come to our rescue through play dates and meals and much love.

Well, tonight Miss Grace was just on edge big time... couldn't take her mind off wanting/begging for anyone and everyone that came by's iPhone to getting in our little pool (spanking to follow for disobeying), to icing on the cake for getting into the bath with full clothes on. You get the picture...

Next thing I know we are all on our bed having a tickle war! (Grace had recently come out of her room from a time out for hitting Corbin in the face, I guess I forgot to mention that one:).
Anyways, we look up and see this picture (well, this is after a few moments of Michael and I tearing up in amazed joy).
YES, Grace was hugging Corbin! She was giving a hug period. This was the first purposeful hug she has ever given. Giant. And how unbelievably sweet that it was to her brother whom she adores just about more than anyone.
And, yep, she then tried to give him a kiss. Unreal. So sweet of God. What a gigantic gift for us, especially after this trying evening and past few days. Thank you for showing up Lord. Thank you that you do know what we need even when we think you don't know or care. You are amazing God.