Sunday, June 24, 2012

Fired Up-from Jan 9, 2012

Just had to take a moment to report on my Friday night!
First of all, my daddy went out of town for the afternoon and night, which usually sends my mom into a little panic (don't know why going solo with me and bubba can do that to her), but this Friday that was not the case. Why? Well, cuz mommy had some action arranged with some of our most fave peeps ever, the Spielhagens down the street.

What kind of action? Well, first we got to go play in their backyard and house for the late afternoon, which I loved every minute of.
Then, we went to Order-up for dinner! You may be wondering why this blog is titled "Fired up"...well, it's getting close! Let's just say that I was wheels off excited this whole time.
Made my mom’s heart SO full of joy and thankfulness. So, I was just lovin my time at Order-up, especially trying to get into the men’s restroom and greeting people who I've never seen before!

Pretty soon after we all sat down to eat, I was ready to get up and do some more exploring, to which my mom would not let me (grrr). She said I needed to first eat more and then I could get down, so with that I grabbed like 4 french fries from Kate's tray and put them all into my mouth (yep, you heard me correctly and the pic is showing one of the fries hangin out)!
Sweet Kate gently pulled her tray in close to her after that move of mine:)
Yes, I finally was able to get down and run crazy a bit longer before our night came to an end!

Thank you Jesus for a great Friday night.
Thank you that my mommy loved it too and didn't have to be afraid.
Thank you for my amazing friends in You...Derek, Cari, Kate and Luker!
Thank you for fries.
Thank you for beautiful weather.
Thank you for joy and getting to run around!

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