Friday, May 22, 2015

I don't care!

As my grandmother Jane always says, "you laugh or you cry."
Well, this one today was such a laughable (kind of, not really, but I just so did) moment that I just had to share.

So Grace's teacher wrote that she, "had the best day of her year" at school yesterday. Awesome.

Today, not so much. Around 9:00, her teacher said she had been grabbing everyone and ran out of the room (laughing comment #1).
So, it's towards the end of the day and I asked her teacher how it's been, to which she replied, as of 30 minutes ago, better. Oh boy.
To which I texted her back, "I would bring you a glass of wine if I could."

Here comes the kicker. I asked her if she ever figured out what was making G so ticked, to which her teacher replied, "Every time I ask her, she just tells me, "I don't care." Whaaatttt?! Yes, you heard me correctly.
I then ask, "she tells you this on her novachat (which is her communication device/talker)?!" to which she replied, "Yep."
Neither of us (even including her speech teacher) had any idea this phrase was even on her talker. Wow, smart girl.

Oh my. Sassy, strong and opinionated Grace Crocker, thank you for a good laugh this afternoon.
And on a serious note, Lord, please ease and direct G and give her words to communicate her heart and wisdom on how to parent her best. Oh, and thank you for the gift of laughter.

PS- I thought this pic from the good ole days of G learning to crawl was appropriate, as she's givin us the "talk to the you know what."
How bout my sassy writing for the day?!:)