Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Potty Report

Well, folks, we have officially been "back on the potty" for exactly 2 weeks. Deep breath.
Are we fully trained? Definitely not. But has there been progress? Yes.
Our main victory is that Grace will (with some encouragement) scoot back on the potty.
Another victory is that she has had a few times when a little poopy has gone into the potty while she was sitting on it, so this has been giant!

However, it seems like there is still some kind of block that keeps her from going while on the potty.
For example, there have been many times when we will sit with her in the bathroom, on the potty for like 15 minutes and nothing will happen, and the she will leave the room and then go all through her pants. Another sigh:)

SO, the big specific prayer that seems to be right now is for God to just breakthrough whatever fear or control that is holding her back.

Love and thanks,
Her potty going parents:)