Tuesday, June 30, 2015

I Bet You Never Dreamed

Yes, the title of this blog were words spoken to me a few hours ago while sipping on a sangria at a friends pool.

While Corbin, several other kids AND Grace Crocker were swimming.
Yes, you guys. Wait for it...was I in the pool with her? No mam. She was a rock star. G would hold onto the side of the pool, hop out for a snack from the snack table, then comment on one of her pictures, then back in the pool she would go to giggle and be thrilled by getting splashed.

And, yes she swam! Swam to her brother. Swam to the side.
There is a video from one of her last swim lessons below to prove this amazement! You will see a little turquoise bow going up and down and yes, that's my girl!
So fine to see.
So good to celebrate after 2 big weeks of swim lessons that were not so pleasant to go to.

Just rejoicing over this greatness and had to share and say thank you for prayin mighty things over this girl.
...And let me add the amazement I am for being able to share such celebratory things in the summer, of all times!

Happiness is...

Happiness is...Blog
 (If you know that song, then humm along:)

Happiness is my happy Gracie Girl goin to Camp SOAR at Mission Road to today!
Happiness is the great day she had there!
...the run I had
...Corbin off to baseball camp
...seeing old friends over lunch
...unexpected free time to run errands
...scoring a rockin swim suit for G for $10!
...Ninja Warrior watching with my little man

Happiness is today.

Just had lots of joy and thanks and yippy skippy in me today that I needed to share!

Big love to each of you.

"Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good..." Psalms 136:1