Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Camp Time BIG TIM

Hi My friends and Family!

It's Grace here and I just had to share some greatness with yall.
I just got back from a WHOLE WEEK away by CAMP CAMP!

I've been there before, but this is my first time to go for the whole week!
And....I LOVED IT!
My parents are still praising Jesus for the sweet and successful week it was for me (geeze, I don't know why they had semi freaked about it...I am such a people person and met so many new friends and loved my counselors as you can so see by the smiles on my face below:)...Of course my mom was SUPER pumped that they captured these pics while I was in action on my own)!

On the last day of CAMP everyone got an award and mine was "The Little Mermaid Award" since I LOVED to swim so much while I was at much that my counselors had a hard time getting me out, sorry about that:/ (yes, my parents are praisin God for this one...that i can so swim by myself now)!

Some of the other things that I loved about CAMP were s'mores night (shocker), karaoke night, dancing, canoeing (yes, you heard me, my 1st time at this:), and of course bed hopping to all the new friends in my cabin!

Thanks for all the love and prayers you give to me and my fam!

Getting my swimming award the last day

I ran to the front when they called my name!

Jillian, who helped me the first few days

Leah and Missy

Leah, my amazing conselor!
Heading home, totally happy!


I loved getting a necklace from Lucy in the mail!

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