Friday, November 7, 2014

Oh, my stars and Yes!

This is such a fun blog that I am so excited to share with yall, and it's 2 fold, so hang on.
As I'm getting ready for bed tonight, this piece of paper on the floor next to our bed caught my eye...

Yes, you read it correctly, it says, "wheelchair" at the top.
For those of you who don't know all of G's story, she used a wheelchair through 1st Grade.
I had jotted this down on the back of one of her many pieces of paper work (that G had apparently shuffled off of Michael's desk area:) today.
And yes, it goes on to say "not chewing" and "Stella" of her best friendships that began this Kinder year.

Why do I share?
To praise Him.
To thank Him for the work that HE has done in Grace Crocker.
Are there major strides that I still want her to make and times that she drives me bonkers? Oh YES.
But Lord, I stop and say thank you for what you have done.
Thank you that you are not finished with any of us yet.
Forgive me for so often forgetting and not praising you for what you have done.
For all of the good and lovely and praiseworthy things that ARE.

Woosh, okay, that is part 1 of what I wanted to share.

Part 2, here we come.
A good friend of mine just shared this major piece of greatness that happened in Austin (story below) and I join alongside them and say YES to more and do it again Lord for this boy and others like him.  Break forth words in Grace Crocker also! Bring sight to my friend Natalie. Let's all join in saying YES to our Big God for whatever is in our little world.

Love you all and thank you for the love you give us and Gracie girl!

JD Hartman is a boy who lives in our neighborhood in Austin. About 6 years ago he had a near drowning in his hot tub when he was about 11 - they are not sure how or why, his just family found him under the water.  He has been very brain damaged ever since. Just received this email from his pastor at Austin Oaks (formerly First Evangelical Free Church) - this is truly, truly amazing.

A Miracle Unfolds Last Sunday!!
From Rob Harrell:
This past week, I received a text message from John Hartman, father of JD, and husband to Beth. Many of you know about JD’s tragic near drowning accident 6 years ago, October 11, 2008. Since that day, JD had never uttered a complete sentence — only made indistinguishable sounds that were hard to understand…
That was until this week!
While spending time with JD at home with his family, JD uttered his first sentence in six years when he said, “I believe in Jesus Christ!” Can you believe that?
You can imagine the joy and elation the Hartmans felt in that moment! But it didn’t stop there. The sentence was uttered and now he began to sing! Of all things, what did he sing? “Amazing Grace” — Chris Tomlin style! John and Beth were overwhelmed as JD sang “My chains fell off, my heart was freed. My God, My Savior has rescued me!”
That’s when John texted me to share the fantastic news and to ask could we sing “Amazing Grace/ My Chains Fell Off” in church this past Sunday. Of course, we were happy to do so!
And then the miracle unfolded!!! As JD and his family worshiped in the 11 AM service, JD began to speak sentence after sentence to his Mom and Dad, and to his siblings, and to anyone close by! He responded in complete sentences to every person who came around him! He sang the songs at the top of his lungs! He started laughing out loud! And by the time of the offertory “Amazing Grace” was sung, he had uttered not one — but 50 or more sentences! His Mom could hardly take it in!
And we as his church family witnessed a true miracle! A young man who almost died six years ago, who has been confined to a wheelchair, and has been unable to communicate clearly since — spoke in complete sentences about his love for God and for others, and worshiped God with his whole heart and VOICE!
Please continue to praise God for JD’s rediscovery of his voice! And pray that God will continue to set JD free, and to give him ever-increasing progress in his healing!
It will be an incredible experience to ask JD what it’s been like inside himself — not being able to talk and be understood until now!
And let’s not soon forget the power of God to set people free in more ways than we could ever imagine!
Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow!
Soli Deo Gloria,

Pastor Rob Harrell

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